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Does your Fly Veil give you the best eye clearance?


Patented 3 Dart design
70% better visibility & airflow
Our unique Nylon Mesh holds its shape and absorbs zero heat from the sun won't melt or burn your horses face.

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Long-lasting, Highly Effective, Convenient... Saving Time and Money!

Find out what makes our Insect Control Treatment
so beneficial for you and your horse.

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WILD Horse Australia... Insect Control Horsewear

Protect Your Horse Like Never Before

Give your horse more than just a rug this season

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Our Technology

WILD Horse Australia  uses a unique patented process that tightly bonds the fabric fibres with Permethrin – one of the most effective natural insect Controls. This ensures a long-lasting, odourless and colourless barrier against many common insects, using this process is more costly but the results for long term effectiveness is far better than spray on applications used in other treated rugs.

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At WILD Horse Australia

We specialise in producing effective, stylish Insect Control horsewear with an outstanding design that, once you have experienced the difference, you will never go back.

All our products are put through rigorous wear and design tests to ensure that WILD Horse Australia only produce and sell the best available product. We are 100% Australian owned. 

As well as our quality Insect Control rug ranges, we are also famous for our patented Fly Veil designs world-wide!


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“I’ve tried so many brands….These are the best! Great for my little cremello pony with the nose too. Fits great!”

Shaz G | Horse owner

“The best quality product on the market. Have loved discovering the great quality materials and designs and feel so confident of my horses comfort and safety. Very happy customer.”

Fiona F | Horse owner

“It’s well worth the investment. Very good quality and fit. Durable. A lifesaver for my mare who suffers from the itch.”

Corrinne B | Horse owner

“The previous owners had used everything under the sun to no avail but once she was covered with her Wild Horse Rug with attached hood, the change was like a miracle and her hair has now grown back and she is a very happy horse!”

Dr Nigel Taylor B.V.Sc (University of Qld) | Village Veterinary Care Clinic, Logan Village, Qld.

“Wild Horse. Super happy with my fly veil I bought for my paint. They also offer a higher UV protection than a lot of other brands and the customer service is great.”

Codie W | Horse owner

“Wild Horse rugs, fly veils and fly masks are a safe and effective way of keeping your horse protected. They are a great idea for any horse.”

Dr. Robert A. Zammit | B.V.Sc. (Syd. Uni.)

“Absolutely great masks!! My boy wears one 24/7 due to having an eye removed last year. Protects the eye socket from the obvious ‘flies’ but also dust and grime.”

Kay S | Horse Owner

“He is not getting bitten and in fact for the first time in a long time in summer, he has a beautiful mane and tail (normally they were all rubbed out by mid-December). If you have a horse with a sensitivity to biting insects, this is your solution.”

Tara King | Horse Owner

“We have been using Wild Horse rugs on our horses for some time now and have found that their unique design and cut fits any horse we put them on no matter what their size or shape. It is the ultimate ‘all round rug’ to protect our horses from annoying and biting insects during the summer.”

David and Sandi Simons | Horse Trainers

“All our horses stay protected from insects with WILD Horse insect control rugs. We love the thought they have put into their designs, we love their FlyVeils, the new design nylon mesh allows them better visibility which doesn’t collapse on their eyes and keeps them cooler and more comfortable all round.”

Vic Frost and Gail Geeson | Hall of Fame Trainer

“Recently I went to a competition & forgot the rug needless to say she was covered in bites. So I went & bought a 2nd rug to keep in the float. Highly recommend these rugs.”

Heather Torney | Horse owner