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1. Boil a jug of water & lift the lid to stop it from automatically cutting off. This will create a constant stream of steam.

2. Place your Fly Veil over direct steam, then slowly move it so all the Mesh has been exposed. Do this for about 30 seconds.

3. Take your Fly Veil away from the steam and push the ends of eye darts out with your fingers to create maximum clearance. Steam will help smooth out any packaging creases.

4. Repeat if needed.

5. After steaming, push any areas of the Mesh that you wish to extend or alter the shape of slightly to get the perfect fit for your horse. If you are using our FV2 which has a black Nylon Mesh nose you can also adjust its shape, this is especially helpful for horses that don’t like nose protection but still need it. 

*Be very careful when steaming a Fly Veil from our ULTIMATE UV Range as the steam can reflect off of the 100% UV shield*

Warnings & Recommendations

  • We generally find steaming your Fly Veil will take approximately 30 seconds, it’s good to steam one area at a time and then pull away from steam to shape as desired.
    You can re-steam your Fly Veil after washing or if reshaping is required.
    Remember, maximum eye clearance is so important!

  • We recommend that the ends of all eye darts are steamed and pushed out at the same time with a utensil (see image below) or placed under steam for 10 seconds then taken away from steam and pushed out with finger.
    This helps to stop any inverting of dart ends and creates more of the desired dome shape for full eye clearance.

  • Beware, Fly Veil will be hot after being over steamed.

  • Do not put fingers or any body part over direct steam as it is extremely hot and will burn.

  • Another way to make the dome more effective is to, steam between the two dart areas in the middle of your Fly Veil to help create a dome.

  • Steam side creases or creases in the main body of the Fly Veil.

For Assistance with this process please contact our team.