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Leg Protector Sizing and Fitting Guide

To ensure a good fit, each packet has two smaller sizes for front legs

ie: Small packet has 2 Small and 2 XSmall

Medium Packet has 2 Medium and 2 Small

Large packet has 2 Large and 2 Medium

XLarge packet has 2 XLarge and 2 Large

Length must be taken along back of cannon bone, not including the fetlock joint. The bottom part of the Leg Protector that is designed to fit around the fetlock joint is not part of the overall length measurement. Width is for cannon bone only, not including the fetlock joint.

SizeFull LengthCanon Bone Measurement (cm)Minimum Width (cm)Maximum Width (cm)

Fitting the Leg Protectors

  1. Check Leg Protectors are in perfect condition before putting on horse.
  2. The smaller pair will fit the front legs and the larger pair will fit the hind legs.
  3. Make sure the horse’s legs are clean and dry before putting Leg Protectors on.
  4. Wrap the Leg Protector around the cannon bone.
  1. The Leg Protector is designed to fit around the fetlock at the bottom which is why it is bigger at one end.
  1. Place the binding with the reinforced strip at the back of the cannon bone, this helps to keep your Leg Protectors up.
  2. Attach Velcro strap so they are secure, it is important they are not loose around the leg or able to turn easily. The width fitting is more important than the length.
  3. Repeat this process on all four legs.

Leg Protectors should be removed from the horse regularly to remove any grass seeds, mud, dirt etc.