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Our Fly Veil sizes are based on halter sizes which will determine the size of the Fly Veil. Available in Small Pony, Pony, Cob, Full, XFull and Wide XFull. If your horse is in-between sizing we always recommend going up a size, it is easy to adjust the Velcro closure under the jaw and this will allow for important extra eye-clearance. If you have any doubts about the sizing, please contact us so we can ensure you are choosing the correct size for your horse.

For a tighter closure around your horses’ jaw either fold the soft Velcro over or place the soft Velcro at an angle inside the hard Velcro closure. It’s a good idea to experiment with different angles/closure methods to achieve the perfect fit around your horse’s jaw.  A Fly Veil Strap Extender can also be used to add extra width around your horses jaw.


See our Fly Veil Steaming Guide to get the perfect fit:


Protect your horse like never before


Fitting a Fly Veil:

  1. Check Fly Veil is in perfect condition before putting on horse.
  2. Press eye darts out to their full extent as they may have become flattened in packaging. Please see our Steaming Instructions if needed.
  3. Place Fly Veil on horse, adjust poll strap either up or down to get the perfect fit around the eyes, brow and nostril area. A dome shape should be created around the eye so the eye is not affected. The nose flap should sit just above the nostril and not inhibit it in any way.
  4. Secure Fly Veil to a comfortable fit under jaw. Do not over-tighten. You should be able to fit two/three fingers under the Fly Veil.
  5. If your Velcro strap is too long, try either closing the soft Velcro strap at an angle inside the hard Velcro or folding the soft Velcro over to shorten it.
  6. Pull forelock out from under the Fly Veil.
  7. Any Fly Veil creases will settle soon after use if not already steamed out.
  8. Please ensure that you regularly check your horse to ensure the product remains comfortable and correctly fitted as per the above instructions.