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WILD Horse Gift Voucher


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reward points Earn ultimate reward points with this purchase
Use points to receive $$$ off your next purchase
Earn DOUBLE POINTS on all single orders over $1000

If you’re searching for the perfect gift to give your horsey friend your search has ended here!
Our gift vouchers are fantastic if you’re not sure about sizing or possibly even need a last-minute gift, whatever the reason is this way they have options.

*Redeemable online only*


Earn up to 15 Points Points.

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WILD Horse


  • Gift your friend with choice and let them pick from our range!

Gift Card Q&A

Will my WILD Horse Gift Voucher expire?
Our Gift Vouchers do not have an expiry date, so you are free to use your voucher whenever you’re ready!

When will I receive my Gift Voucher?
You will receive a confirmation for your voucher as well as an invoice with your code immediately after your purchase if you send the Gift Card to yourself. If you choose to send the voucher straight to the receiver you will be sent a confirmation and they will receive a Digital Voucher through their emails.

How do I use my Digital Gift Voucher?
WILD Horse Gift Cards are super easy to use. Simply apply the code under your products in the cart page, or enter your code at the top of the checkout page.