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WILD Horse Nylon Fly Veils:

  • Steam to achieve the perfect eye clearance and to create the ultimate shape.
  • NEW ANTI-HEAT ABSORBING Nylon Mesh does not absorb heat in the sun, remaining cool to the touch.
  • High quality Mesh offers 70% better visibility than standard PVC Fly Veils
  • Extremely High Airflow
  • Patented 3 Dart design creates high eye clearance
  • Mesh does not melt against your horses face in hot climates/conditions.
  • Black colour to prevent damage to eye sight
  • Triple lock Velcro – built for horses
  • Elastic under the chin to allow for movement and comfort
  • Fleece edging at all contact points for comfort
  • Styles with nose and ear protection are all treated with our Insect Control Technology
  • 70% UV protection plus 100% UV insert options
  • Contoured nose design keeps nostrils clear so your horse can use their important sense of smell whilst also helping prevent sunburn.
  • Recommended by Vets for eye health

Standard PVC Fly Veils:

  • PVC Plastic Fly Veils cannot be steamed
  • PVC plastic fly veils absorb and hold heat, creating discomfort for your horse, which is one of the reasons horses are constantly trying to get these off.
  • Low visibility
  • Lower airflow
  • PVC plastic can collapse against your horse’s eyes under hot conditions because it retains heat 
  • Can melt against eyes & stop full eye movement (this can also cause burns if it gets hot enough)
  • Colours other than black reflect light back into your horse’s retina and cause eyesight damage, what colour are the fly screens in your home?
  • Single Velcro closures can be removed easily
  • No Fleece at contact points
  • 70% UV protection
  • Some nose designs block nostrils and inhibit your horse’s important sense of smell.
  • Some Fly Veils contain citronella which can interrupt your horse’s sense of smell