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Our Mission

The horse on the left suffered from severe itching, after wearing a WILD Horse Insect Control Rug/hood for a couple of weeks this horse was back to his old self and happy again.

  • Recommended by vets for QLD Itch and problems caused by insects
  • No creams, no mess, no fuss
  • Fabrics infused with Permethrin solving the problem with itchy horses


A before image of the damage that insects can do to your horse.

This can cause extreme discomfort, distress and severe itching. The image on the right is after wearing a WILD Horse Australia Insect Control Rug, which stopped the itch and prevented the insects that caused this problem.




Read for yourself, the results achievable with WILD Horse Australia’s Insect Control Horse wear 

My horse has always been one of those itchy horses – he would scratch himself senseless even removing skin.
Just over 5 years ago my horse developed chronic non-healing eye ulcers which turned out to be related to his allergies resulting in the need for eye surgery.  I have struggled every spring/summer to manage eyes (and coat), desperately trying to keep the flies, mosquitoes and midges off him. This year I tried a ‘Wild Horse Australia’ fly mask and I was amazed. Within minutes there were literally no flies on him. Within days his puffy weepy eyes settled down – even the Veterinarian was impressed.   I have since purchased a mesh combo and I’m equally impressed.  I can’t recommend Wild Horse Australia Products more highly – for both the comfort of your horse and for your peace of mind.” – Dr Georgina Learmonth – BSc PhD 

I have used these veils for two seasons on my destructive horses and they are still going strong. I would have gone through 3 or 4 other brands of veils in that timeframe. The horses have great vision through them and they also stay on better than others. The 3 darts keep them away from the horses’ eyes better as well, although it is more important to fit them correctly due to the stiffness of the mesh. I recommend them to everyone who asks.” – Robyn Gillies Tabrett 

I always feel for horses in paddocks being bombarded by flies, mossies and midges. More than most places in the world, Australian conditions make summers tough for our horses. I am for anything I can do to protect them and keep them comfortable in the battle against biting insects. Wild Horse rugs, fly veils and fly masks are a safe and effective way of keeping your horse protected. They are a great idea for any horse.” – Dr. Robert A. Zammit – B.V.Sc. (Syd. Uni.)












“I can honestly say that over the many years that I have been struggling to keep my itchy horses comfortable and looking great I think that I have tried every lotion, cream, shampoo, insect repellent and rug on the market!
I have been desperate many times and have even resorted to selling my itchy horses to the colder Southern climates just to make the lives of my lovely horses happier. Initially I was a little sceptical about purchasing the 5 new rugs that I needed to protect our itchy horses, but now one year after I spent the money, I realise they are the best investment that I have ever made to assist in the ongoing battle to protect our itchy horses from the insect bites that can, if left untreated, result in such hideous irritation, pain, frustration and weight loss.
Thank you very much to the entire team at Wild Horse Australia.” – Zelie Bullen – Professional Animal Trainer

“I purchased 3 of the Wild Horse fly veils in 2015. Quite impressed with them as they had lasted a year when the “incident” happened. The horses go into their separate yards to have their token hard feed in the afternoon. My gelding has always been a horse who puts his feet on/in anything, this night I think he must have put his feet onto the bottom railing of his yard messing about my old gelding. I came out to let them out about an hour later, noticed the rail broken and went to investigate. Apart from a bit of bark of his leg and belly didn’t see any other damage. Did notice a bit of blood on his nose, so I took his fly veil off and went “Gosh!” or words to that effect. There wasn’t a mark on his fly veil. Five stitches later he is all good and the Vet agreed with me that this Fly Veil saved my horse’s eye. As for the fly veils, it is now 2018 and the same ones are still being used.” – Liz Woodland